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Moto GP Aprilia Cube de sonido!

sonido Genialer

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  • 4418CARLOU dice:

    I was? there that day also. Will never forget that unique deep howl/growl as it went flying past in practice. It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!

  • Vermeullen dice:

    It? sure sounds like a thunder, but at the same time it seems to be a very big bike for GP racing. Not sure what the problem was with it, but for sure they are making their way back to GP racing with their ART RSV4. Hope it can kick some ass in three years time.

  • paulvillage7 dice:

    The engine from the RS3 Cube was built by Cosworth and was a inline triple with pneaumatic valves, the 330cc capacity of each cylinder was close to the size of a 10cyl 3.5l V10 F1 engine of the day and so allowed the use of F1 technology to reduce cost. I think “Cube” came from maths as in n3=n x n x n. I was at Donington in 04 and can? confirm it sounded amazing!!!! it is my favorite ever GP bike to date and makes me sad its no longer racing :(

  • newengland72 dice:

    Sounds like 1960s era F1… On two wheels!?

  • Blade4613 dice:

    LOL just because i had a very long thought, about cube, it’s the 3d version of a square, the square has 4 angles, so it could be 4 cylinders…XD?

  • RemyLeBleau dice:

    .. Pretty much :P?

  • Blade4613 dice:

    WTF sure, but now, i was suspicious about the noise but i thought was? 4 cylinder, because i thought wrong, now i realized cube, mean ^3… stupid….

  • RemyLeBleau dice:

    You do realise it is/was a triple, right??

  • Blade4613 dice:

    i think it was a prototype of a 4 cilinder, like? a prehistoric version of the V4 of modern aprilia RSV4

  • alexandre901 dice:

    torna torna! :D con le? crt per non aver il team aprilia ma team crt ma sarà una derivata dalla rsv4!

  • marcp85 dice:

    Ho Lee Sheeeet! That? sounds immense!

  • Ben Carpenter dice:

    Neil Spalding said it’s the loudest bike ever in? Motogp, around 128 decibels!!

  • sv1887 dice:

    monteur erschreckt sich total bei 0:06? bis 0:07

  • WINSTONS123 dice:

    Si dice fossero arrivati a toccare 260 cv? con questo motore…

    magari aprilia tornasse in motogp…

  • Kuroitombo dice:

    @joe69rocket, Yep! Going with a round-piston 3-cyl allowed the lightest total machine weight per regs (100 kilos? or about 220 lbs). Cosworth 990 cc four-stroke, inline triple, evenly-spaced 120 degree crank, gear-drive cam, four valves, pneumatic closers, full-dry sump, carbon clutch, and a notorious fly-by-wire throttle. 220 bhp at 14,500 rpm (in early tests). First 4-stroke to break 200 mph (at Mugelo).

  • mybandit05 dice:

    yea? aprilia needs to put the rs3 cube street version back on the market! 190 bhp on showroom floor!

  • GiovaRs125 dice:

    amazing? sound!

  • ProfessorIgor dice:

    it was Daijiro Kato at the Japanese? GP….

  • nikonxxx dice:

    oops then it was another? japanese that died at gp

  • ProfessorIgor dice:

    what dead? man ?? that’s Nitro Nori Haga

  • dbracing15 dice:

    alongside electronics that will still? make the racing dull as dishwater ;)

  • Kuroitombo dice:

    Very revealing to hear the rumbling growl of the Desmo next to the ungodly ferocious sound of the? Cube. The Ducatis were eventually breaching 200mph in the straights, but the Aprilia was reputed to have considerably more power. I think the Cube was just ahead of the know-how to get all that power to the ground controllably.

  • galaxything dice:


  • nikonxxx dice:

    that? s the dead man at 0:38

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